Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy for QDATAMS’ Staff

This emphasizes the importance that QDATAMS’ places on data security. Each person in the company has the individual’s responsibility for the maintenance of security over QDATAMS’ AND CLIENTS’ information under his/her control.  We ensure review of the following precautions and be sure that they are understood by all of all employees for the general protection of QDATAMS’ AND CLIENTS information – recognizing all forms of such data including printed reports, digital, other computer storage materials, equipment and word of mouth. These include:


  1. Practising the clean/locked desk policy after-hours and during any long absence.
  2. Controlling access to electronic and hard copy files, storyboards, scripts, etc.
  3. Securing all faxes and e-mails.
  4. All passwords must be at least 8(eight) characters and contain a combination of numbers, symbols, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and spaces. The password would be free of repetition, dictionary words, usernames, pronouns, IDs, and any other predefined number or letter sequences.
  5. Avoiding discussion about QDATAMS’ AND CLIENTS’ sensitive information with anyone who does not have a need-to-know.
  6. Not discussing QDATAMS’ AND CLIENTS’ information in public places such as restaurants and aeroplanes.
  7. Ensuring that when competitively sensitive material is no longer needed, it is shredded.
  8. Routinely challenging unknown visitors in your area or people who are not identified.
  9. Practising the callback procedure when you’re unsure of a caller’s identity and need to know and competitively sensitive information is involved.
  10. Ensuring that all suspected breaches of security are reported to the company’s designated security coordinator for further reporting to CLIENTS’ contact and/or CLIENTS Corporate Security.
  11. Ensuring that QDATAMS’ AND CLIENTS’ sensitive test materials are protected during fieldwork and no sensitive test material is visible to those other than respondents.
  12. Ensuring that respondents are sensitively screened before any research and any respondent who have relatives/close friends working for competition, agencies, stores, etc. are eliminated from the sample.


In many cases, the secure handling of sensitive QDATAMS’ AND CLIENTS’ information affects the STAFF, CLIENT and QDATAMS as a firm.  Knowledge of all staff is our responsibility


These general guidelines are not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather a helpful reminder of our obligations and responsibilities regarding information security. The key is for us to be aware that our clients’ competitors are trying to obtain our information and it is up to us as a valued business partner to ensure that this does not happen. Equally, we are guided by ethical principles surrounding safeguarding our research participants.