QDATAMS’ Monitoring and Evaluation practice aims to improve the performance of development projects activities and outputs through data driven comprehensive and positive changes that adds value and foster empowerment at the local level. We support our development partners to access and utilize the right information at the right time.

We pride ourselves in giving customized and research-based M&E solutions to our customers. Our deep understanding of M&E is supplemented by our broad knowledge of development sector and our experience of working across Sub-Sharan African Countries, including in remote and conflict-prone areas like South Sudan, Burundi, Northern Uganda, Somalia and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). At QDATAMS, we understand the unique requirements of various social development sectors, QDATAMS Consultants offers its clients complete M&E solutions – monitoring, validation, evaluation, formative and summative research – both at the program and at the systemic levels.

We help organizations in the design and implementation of M&E systems and provide high-quality reports for decision support. QDATAMS has experience in implementing countrywide studies with large sample sizes.

Our main areas of focus in M&E includes

  • Baseline Surveys
  • Project Evaluations
  • M&E System Audit
  • Participatory M&E
  • Third Party Monitoring
  • M&E System Design
  • Data Reporting
  • Social Sector Bench-marking
  • Impact Assessment Surveys
  • Indicator Development
  • M&E Need Assessment
  • Research Instruments Design

QDATAMS supervisory team planning a baseline survey on 2000 coffee farmers affiliated to four coffee cooperatives in Eastern and Western Uganda