Online M&E System

QDATAMS has in-house capacity for IT and Systems developers, research, monitoring and evaluation specialists, database management specialists, GIS Specialists and various sector specialists, who help transform data and reports into a highly visualized and shareable format. We develop online M&E system – a web-based platform that provides information on the approved project pillars, results-framework, key performance indicators, data capture tools, reports and dashboards.  The web-based platform is integrated with a mobile application and other data capture platforms.   The web-based platform streamlines and optimizes M&E processes with easy-to-use interfaces and creates appropriate reports and dashboards at the click of a button.  Key modules of the M&E online platform to be developed include:

  1. Project (Pillar) Information Module
  2. Results-Based Framework Module
  3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Module.
  4. Data Capture Tools Module
  5. Reports Generation Module
  6. Dynamic Dashboards with Report Export functionality Module
  7. Module for Capacity Building and Feedback Updates on the Platform
  8. Content Management Systems for publishing reports papers, articles…etc