Questionnaire Cognitive and Usability Testing

At QDATAMS we lay emphasis on the overall quality of data obtained from surveys. We subject questionnaires through a rigorous test before rolling out a survey. The process involves;

1.)    Subject Matter Expert Review: We identify common pitfalls in survey questions (e.g., double-barreled questions, inappropriate assumptions, missing reference periods) and ensure that the questions are measuring the intended constructs.

2.)    Cognitive Testing: We identify potential problems in survey questions by evaluating the cognitive processes respondents use to answer survey questions. In the process, we improve questionnaire clarity and strength its construct validity.

3.)    Pilot Test: We evaluate how well the survey will work in the real world by testing the procedures with a small number of respondents. The focus here is on the logistics and procedures of conducting a survey.

QDATAMS tests tools and questionnaires that are used by organizations to gather continuous programming data. We partner with overseas firms and organizations to test the tools they use to collect their program data in Africa and other parts of the world.