Survey Tool Scripting and Programming

QDATAMS’ team has more than a decade of survey scripting and programming experience and have scripted 300+ research studies covering over 50 languages across multiple industry-leading platforms. Our inhouse scripting capabilities allow us to handle complex questionnaires with ease, creating engaging surveys for clients across various sectors. We develop highly responsive design templates to run surveys on any type of device.

Our scripting gives a simple and easy survey experience including:

  • Survey Logic checks (question/option triggers, question/attribute randomization, complex skip patterns, nested loops e.t.c)
  • Multi-lingual support with ability to switch between languages during the interview
  • Access control (login/passwords)
  • Progress bar to indicate the position in the survey
  • Complex quota management and real-time status reporting
  • Multimedia content (videos, images, icons)
  • Multi-format data download

In nearly every survey we implement, we translate study instruments into at least national and or local languages. In some surveys especially focusing on rural population, we have we translate to the locally spoken languages. In muti-country studies that we have implemented in the recent past, we have had to translate the tools into 25+ languages in a single study.